Team MARKUP's Documentation for SGA Student Encoders

Documentation from the Spring 2012 Student Encoders of the Shelley-Godwin Archive (aka Team MARKUP)

Team MARKUP's Documentation for SGA Student Encoders

Welcome to Team MARKUP's Documentation for SGA Student Encoders. Team MARKUP evolved as a group project in Neil Fraistat's Technoromanticism graduate seminar (English 738T) during the Spring 2012 term at the University of Maryland, augmented by several students in the "sister" course taught by Andrew Stauffer at the University of Virginia. The project involved using git and GitHub to manage a collaborative encoding project, learning TEI and the use of the Oxygen XML editor for markup and validation, and the encoding and quality-control checking of nearly 100 pages of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein manuscript (each UMD student encoded ten pages, while the UVa students divided a ten-page chunk among themselves).

We collaboraitvely wrote a blog post covering the different phases of the project, which you can read here. Our primary mode of discussion and recording was a single unwieldy GoogleDoc, the content of which is represented here in more handy form.


  1. Because this was a course project, we froze our relationship to the schema at the point when we turned to quality encoding: April 7th, 2012. Subsequent updates to the SGA schema might render some of this information incorrect.

  2. Also note that since this documentation was created by newcomers to TEI encoding, it might contain inaccuracies beyond disjoint with the current SGA schema.

Authors and Contributors

GitHub Pages and Documentation written by Team MARKUP Organizer Amanda Visconti (@amandavisconti), with advice from Neil Fraistat and Trevor Munoz, except for the

Questions and Answers Page, the content of which was written collaboratively by Team MARKUP

with some assistance in the Answers section from SGA staff Trevor Munoz, Neil Fraistat, Travis Brown, and David Brookshire.